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Speak with a Medical Provider for only $30!
This is LESS than most insurance copays.

We now offer Telemedicine Services for a wide range of Conditions:

Step 1

Come in and fill out your information on an ipad

Avoid exposure to viruses with our new approach, designed to keep you safe and on the right path to recovery.

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Step 1

Step 2

Sit at a desk with an ipad and speak with a certified Medical Provider!

“I am so happy with my telehealth experience that i would recommend them in a heartbeat. So kind, respectful, customer oriented and professional. Thank you so much for helping me!”

Our Online Consults

Anemia Flu Birth Control Erectile Dysfunction UTI Ear Infection High Cholesterol Hair Loss Coronavirus I need to see a doctor

In-Store Testing *additional fee may apply

Strep Throat Flu Coronavirus UTI Ear Infection