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Our pharmacies can compound medications for you or your pets. Compounding is the mixing of drugs by a compounding pharmacist to fit the unique needs of a patient. This may be done for medically necessary reasons, such as to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to avoid a non-essential ingredient that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed. It may also be done for voluntary reasons, such as adding favorite flavors to a medication.

Compounding for People Compounding for Pets

Insurance Information

We at Johnson Drug accept most insurances, and are in-network providers for many insurance companies that service the community. Below is a listing of the different “in-network” insurances we accept. If you do not see your insurance company listed, please contact us (via our comment form on our home page) and we will make every effort to become an “in-network” provider for your insurance company. As a courtesy, and to make your life easier, we courtesy bill your insurance company for any home medical equipment or prescriptions you receive.

Johnson Drug & Home Medical -  Why a Local Pharmacy

Why a Local Pharmacy

We offer Free local delivery of your prescriptions.

$4.00 Prescription Plan
Consistent Service
Short Wait Times
Help Checking Medications

What is Compounding?
Johnson Drug & Home Medical -  $4.00 Prescription Card

$4.00 Prescription Card

Believe it or not, local pharmacies have the ability to offer discounted prescription plans. We at Johnson Drugs have a prescription plan that rivals just about any plan on the market.

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Online Refills

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